M O N E Y   F O R   C O L L E G E

Many students apply for financial aid to help make their college journey more affordable. IMPACT is available to assist in the creation of a plan that works best.

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BOOKS Scholarship

McCormick $500

HOUSING Scholarship

Sylinski $1000

TUITION Scholarship

Franklin $2000

How to apply for IMPACT Scholarships


  • Did you graduate from a Chicago-area high school (includes all south and north suburban areas)?
  • Have you completed one full year of undergraduate studies and entering your sophomore, junior or senior year?
  • Are you enrolled to attend the same post-secondary institution for the following year?
  • Is the post-secondary institution you attend (4 year, 2 year or trade school) fully accredited?
  • Do you have a 2.75 GPA or higher?
  • If chosen as the winner, can you attend the Summit to receive your scholarship? The summit is 12-3:00pm on the last Saturday in July.                    *Until further notice - IMPACT events will be virtual, but winners will need to meet in person for scholarship photos

  If you answered YES to the questions listed above, you qualify to apply for a scholarship.

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N E X T   S T E P S

STEP #1 Complete the scholarship entry form (above).

STEP #2 Write a two-page essay on how you plan to "give back" to your community upon graduation.

STEP #3 Ask a parent, counselor or teacher to proofread your essay.

STEP #4 Submit your essay to [email protected] (be sure to include your first and last name)

STEP #5 Wait for an email from the Scholarship Committee confirming your application. 

             *If you don't hear anything, call to confirm 844.498.4264.